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October 31, 2005

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Faith, the Pet of the Day
Name: Faith
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Horse
Home: Washington, USA
   Hello, my name is Faith! I am registered at the Jockey Club as Delta Shade because I used to race at Emerald Downs. I am five years old and live in western Washington, not too far from the Space Needle. I started my racing career at the early age of two but never made it very far. I think I started two races but never placed. I never really wanted to run, but my trainer thought I had potential. But that is okay because shortly thereafter I met Ally and I thought she was nice enough and let her take me home. I wasn't too sure she would want me - some people were telling her lies about my temperament. They told Ally to stay because I was known to be crazy - lashing out at people and not willing to work! I was not and am not crazy, I just did not like my job. I think Ally knew that because she took me home anyway. It has been two years now, and boy do I love my new home. I have lots of friends and I get to play all sorts of new games - and I never have to race against other hoses.

    Ally and I love to try everything: english, western, jumping, trail, gaming - anything at all (just no racing!) My favorite game of all is clicker training. I know how to play fetch, lift my hooves and do all sorts of other tricks when Ally asks me to. And when I do it right she gives me carrots!! Who wouldn't love that? And when we're not playing, I loved to be brushed and loved on - and I also like to play dress up. Last Halloween I was a crayon box and Ally was the crayon - it was lots of fun! She dressed up my mane and tail with colorful pipe cleaners and a soft felt costume so I would not be scared. She looked kind of silly in her purple hat though.

    Thanks for coming on by to meet me!

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