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October 16, 2005

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Grey, Tail, the Pet of the Day
Name: Grey, Tail
Age: One and a half;
One year old, Deceased
Gender: Male
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Tyresö, Sweden
   Tail was the best gerbil that ever lived on this planet. He was so cute and was loved by anyone that got to pet him. My friend made him tame. My thought from the beginning was to breed him with my gerbil female, Pim. But she didn't like him, so she bit him on the foot and screamed loudly. After that Tail never looked at a female again! He jumped out of the aquarium when I took of the roof, to be with me! He really loved me. I miss him soo much as I write this...

    This is Grey. His name is Kolarängens Grey, but is only called Grey. Tail and Grey were best friends. In the picture he is only four weeks, but now he is one and a half years old. He is so cute and friendly! He has never bitten me. He is a little bit nervous, I don't know why, that is just the way he is. We are born almost the same day, my birthday is 12 April and his 15 April, we act a little bit like each other. When Tail died, Grey was very sad for a long time until I bought Rasmus too him, then Grey got happy again! He loves to hunt Rasmus on the floor, but Rasmus is not so happy about it! Grey doesn't run so much in his spinning wheel, he uses the wheel as a swing. He is very affectionate. He loves my labyrinth a big box with obstacles). He loves to roll in sand and clean himself.

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