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October 9, 2005

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Mystie, Rhaine, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mystie, Rhaine
Age: Seven years old, Deceased
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Black Masked Lovebirds
Home: Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA
   Hi! My name is Mystie (I'm the one on the right). This is a picture of me and my best bud, Rhaine. Rhaine and I lived together for almost seven years before he left for the big bird cage in the sky right before Christmas. He got really sick one day out of the blue and our owner took him to the emergency hospital right away. She did all she could for him, but it was too late. We were really sad.

    So now, I live in a big cage all by myself. I have tried to adjust without him, each day gets a little better. My owner has bought me all kinds of stuff to keep me company. I also have a pretty cool neighbor, Sebastian, he keeps me company. We sit and talk all day long. Before it was "just the boys", but Sebastian has really taken care of me since Rhaine left. All day long I play with all my toys, but mostly I like to sit on my perch and sing along to the radio.

    Well I gotta go, but remember to enjoy and love you pets while you have them, cause they wont be around forever.


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