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October 8, 2005

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Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucky
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Longhaired Syrian Hamster
Home: Essex, England
   Meet "Lucky," my longhaired hammy. I found her abandoned in a half- squashed (looking like it had been run over by a car) cardboard box in a car parking lot in my local town center. It was a total miracle that I found her... I heard a gentle scritch-scratching noise coming from underneath my car as I was putting my shopping in the boot (trunk for Americans)! She was very grubby, petrified, hungry and thirsty, but she has strength of spirit I've never seen before in a hamster!

    She was obviously traumatized, but I bundled her up, made a makeshift home in a little box I happened to have in my car,and was all ready for the 20-minute drive home. Unfortunately 'Lucky' had other ideas and ate her way out of this box during the drive... I was petrified she was lost all over again... but rooted through my car over and over (over a period of an hour and a half) until I spotted the little pickle peering out from under the front passenger seat. She had made herself at home in a little hole underneath this seat and it took a further hour to coax her out. (poor timid little thing)

    She is still a bit scruffy, but I have seen her preening herself a little, and she is eating and drinking now regularly. Lucky has been settling in remarkably well. She is a curious little sweetie who is very affectionate.

    I managed to get her out for a quick cuddle the other day (taking it slowly as I have no idea what she has been through before I found her, so don't want to risk spooking her). Given all she has been through, she's still ever so gentle. Its almost as though she understands that I saved her.

    She definitely has a cheeky side to her though, and it's really beginning to shine through. I definitely think she's going to become the type of hammy to watch evening TV with me, sat on my shoulder whilst I'm ironing!

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