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October 7, 2005

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PB, the Pet of the Day
Name: PB
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
   This is PB, our adorable male cockatiel. He loves to sing to himself in the mirror. He especially loves bathtime and splashing in the water. He greets us when we walk in the door with a favorite song (one he wrote himself!). He is the perfect gentleman and deserves to be honored every day.

    PB is short for Peter Beakman (or Party Bird as my husband calls him). He is very affectionate. He loves to cuddle up on our shoulder or chest and take a nap with us. He especially loves having his head scratched. He has a fascination with running water and whenever the sink or tub is on he makes it known that he must be in the room with it. He enjoys baths but loves the hair dryer even more. We discovered this when we started blow drying him in winter when we thought it was too cold for him to be wet for very long. He'll stand there with his wings spread out and his chest held high while we dry him (on the lowest setting and not for very long, of course). He loves to make up his own songs and sing them to us while we do housework or take our baths and he has mastered the infamous wolf whistle which he manages to do quite loudly at the most bizarre moments (when we step out of the shower or flush the toilet). He is very courteous in that he waits his turn for his little bite of our dinner, but if he doesn't like what we're having, he throws it on the floor, shakes his head in disgust and gives us his verbal disapproval. He is our little PB (or Mr. Peebs as we have been known to call him) and he is the greatest bird in the world!

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