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October 5, 2005

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Thor, the Pet of the Day
Name: Thor
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: Albany County, New York, USA
   This is Thor, the Man of the House. He's the first boar we've owned, and he shares a huge home-made "cube and coroplast" with his harem: Brownie and Aurora, a pig we rescued from a bad owner.

    In late 2003, we took a quick trip just before closing hours to one of the chain pet stores to get some timothy hay. We always admire the Guineas at the store, but this time, one fuzzy little Abyssinian had his feet up on the glass, and followed us as we walked around the display. My wife asked if she could hold him, and right away I saw where all this was leading. This was absolutely the most loving little cavy we'd ever seen. He even purred when pet, right there in the store. The guy working there said that he played with the Guineas, against the orders of his manager, so this little ball of fluff was already tame and snugly. I got "the eyes" from my wife, and she said I could name him whatever I wanted if we bought him.

    Thus Thor entered the household - I wanted another Norseman in the house. It didn't necessarily seem like a good name for such a little love bug, shown here two weeks later, but he's since grown into a big strong man who definitely rules the roost. And he's still a charmer with all the humans in his life.

    And he's definitely more rambunctious than the ladies. He climbs on his houses, tries to steal food from Brownie, knocks over and attempts to open the nugget bins, can find always find plastic to chew on no matter how "pig-proof" the house is, and has even made his was up the step to our dining room. If there's something he's interested in, Thor can stand on his back legs for a good twenty seconds! He's always a surprise - maybe he can fetch my slippers some day.

    Thor's a perfect match with us and our other cavies. So as it turns out, everybody's happy. Except the pet store guy, he was fired a few months later. I ran into him working fast food.

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