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October 4, 2005

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Filou, the Pet of the Day
Name: Filou
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Andalucian Horse
Home: Uga, Lanzarote, Spain
   This is my horse called Filou. I share him with my friend so he is not exactly mine, but I get to ride him when ever I want, and I love him.

    He is adorable but can be a bit of a handful. Filou I am told means Bad Boy, but I cannot confirm that, I think it is Dutch. He is a very strong personality and not everyone can ride him. When I started to ride him he tested me quite a lot, trying to turn round and go home, take the wrong track, pretending to be scared of cars etc.. apparently he does this and once he knows you are boss he allows you to ride him and he behaves.

    He lives here in Lanzarote not far from Puerto Calero in a place called Uga. We ride in the mountains with views of the sea and the volcanos.

    While I brush him he likes to steal anything left on the shelf, he picks up hats, water bottles anything he can and throws them on the floor. He also likes to drink from the hose pipe while I hose him down.

    Filou is definitely a personality and very independent but affectionate as well he is typically Spanish - very temperamental and hot headed.

    When I rode him the other week I made him walk slowly behind some other horses he was not impressed as he wanted to canter so on every other step he stamped his front foot down really hard, just so I knew he wasn't happy.

    He is very affectionate and I always give him a huge hug when we get back from a ride.

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