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November 28, 2005

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Beeper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Beeper
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pied Zebra Finch
Home: Dallas, Georgia, USA
   Beeper is special because he is one of the very few tame finches I know of out there. I handfed him from seven days old. He loves me and is out of his cage and on my shoulder whenever I am home. He loves taking baths in his water bowl but only if I take a bath with him (I stick my finger in the bowl). He had just taken a bath in the picture. He also enjoys tormenting my dog by hissing at her and pecking her in the nose and then flying really fast back to my head. He enjoys falling asleep in my hand or the crook of my arm and will tug at my hair. He sings his special Zebra finch song for me every day which is meant for attracting mates. I guess he believes I am his mate. He loves attacking the t.v. controller buttons. He especially loves the red light that flashes whenever the channel changes. He is so used to people that he flies to the t.v. and attempts to land on the shoulders of the people on t.v. He enjoys pecking at my dad's beard and my freckles. Beeper is a very special part of my family's life.

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