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November 26, 2005

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Dollop, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dollop
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Holland Lop Rabbit
Home: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
   Dollop came to my house on early this summer. He is very naughty. He likes to bite anything that he comes in front of his cute mouth. He sometimes is my vacuum cleaner. His friend is my seven-year-old son, who hops along with Dollop and they are occasionally joined by his three friends.

    Dollops loves carrots a lot, and Indian rotis. When he is hungry you will find him sitting in kitchen and will not move out until we give him his food. He loves to get scratch for hours together behind his ears. When the family sits together to watch TV or to talk, you will find Dollop in the group as well. When he is happy he jumps high in the air. His favorite toys are his plate and water cup. We all love Dollop!

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