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November 23, 2005

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Pokey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pokey
Age: Two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hedgehog
Home: Amarillo, Texas, USA
   Pokey is special because he is such a unique pet. He is very good natured, and loves to play. He is funny; it always makes me laugh when he walks around with his head in a toilet paper roll. Pokey doesn't mind being held, and will allow me to pick him up easily. He's absolutely adorable! No one can resist saying, "Awwww!! How cute!!!" every time they see the little guy. He's easy to take care of - I hold him every day, clean his cage when it needs cleaning, and fill up his food and water bowl if they need to be refilled. He has the cutest little nose, and the funniest, most adorable walk in the world. Pokey deserves to be honored because he is extremely special and is the perfect pet.

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