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November 20, 2005

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Jade, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jade
Age: Eighteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Striped Roan Husky Rat
Home: Scotland, UK
   Jade is a very loving and squishy rattie. She loves giving her mummy kisses and is very licky and sweet. Jade wasn't always this friendly. She came from a large pet store and was kept in horrible conditions. She was very thin due to being infested with mites, and she had a protein rash from being fed unsuitable food. She was also very frightened and had never been handled, having originally came from a breeding farm where rats are bred for snake food. She also had a respiratory infection due to being kept on wood shavings and had to have several courses of anti-biotics before the sneezes cleared up.

    She was quite an angry lady when she first came home and it took about six months and a lot of cuddles before we could fully gain her trust. She lives in a large indoor aviary with ten other cage mates. She loves lazing around in her hammock and her favorite food is sardines. Her best friend is her sister called Amber who looks almost identical. She is Alpha rat in her cage. When she has free ranging times she likes nothing better than ripping off our lovely expensive wallpaper and making a nest under the couch where no-one can reach her! She is a fantastic pet and a very loving friend, we would not be without her for the world.

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