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November 19, 2005

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Gizmo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gizmo
Age: Two year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
   This is Gizmo. In the first picture he is staring up at me after being caught playing in a pile of clothes on my floor. In the second picture Gizmo is playing in a pile of shavings we threw on our outdoor garden.

    Our family adopted him from a friend who had him a few days before learning that taking care of a ferret was a lot of responsibility. Gizmo was just a few weeks old (too young to be taken from his mother) and was very malnourished when our family adopted him. He's very strong now, however he is still the baby of the family, and cries during thunderstorms and when he has nightmares until one of us rocks him back to sleep.

    He is the friendliest ferret I have ever seen. When we take him out every morning to play the first thing he does is climb up into everyone's beds to make sure that the whole family is up and playing with him. Even my father, who claims to not like pets, is often caught running around the upstairs of our house with Gizmo chasing his heels.

    My family has had a few ferrets prior to Giz, however none of them have been as people-oriented and curious as he is. In his short time with us so far, he has definitely become a member of our family.

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