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November 17, 2005

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Altissimo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Altissimo
Age: One year three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rainbow Lorikeet
Home: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
   Al is more like a Chicken Lory - Afraid of everything. He avoids water, other birds, most fruit and veggies and even toys! He still manages to look good for a photo.

    In that time I've had him, I taught him a few tricks. He shakes hands, waves, runs across the loungeroom to climb his perch (only on command), does a double-turn and poops on command (sometimes). He's learning to show off his wings, to do card tricks, nod "yes" and shake "no". I thought his favorite treat was apple, until he tried honey! Since using honey as a treat he does his tricks faster. He doesn't talk yet, but whistles the pitch to "G'day Mate". He loves to climb around the poles on the front porch. He's the brightest Rainbow Lorikeet we own.

    He's very attached to me. If he's not on me, he has to be able to see me. When we turn off the lights at night he makes cute little calls to try and get me to come back. It almost sounds like he's crying. But then it's time for sleep for all of us! G'night, Al!

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