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November 7, 2005

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Sweet Pea, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweet Pea
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black-headed Caique
Home: Seattle, Washington, USA
   Sweet Pea is an eight-year-old black headed caique. Caiques are sometimes referred to as "the clowns of the parrot world" and Pea fits this description perfectly. He loves to play tricks on his people - one of his favorites is to climb up in "his" tree - a quince in the back yard. He waits for an unsuspecting victim to walk underneath, and then clips off a quince fruit with his beak with perfect timing to fall on the person's head! The "victim" is further persecuted by Sweet Pea's maniacal laugh... hahahahah coming from high up in the tree.

    Sweet Pea also likes ambushing feet from under the bed, taking shower in the kitchen sink with maximal water spraying time, eating at the table, (caught in the act in this photo) and crawling up the arms of long sleeved sweaters. He hates being left behind, and would much rather ride in his car cage or better yet on the steering wheel (for obvious reasons he's only allowed to do this in the driveway).

    Among his favorite places are the hole he has gnawed in the risers of the stairs, and under the covers in bed. Sweet Pea is a ton of fun... I wouldn't trade him for any other clown!

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