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November 6, 2005

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Caly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Caly
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Thoroughbred Horse
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   We found my horse, Caly, at a barn while I was on a trail ride with my youth group. We had planned to come back and try her and another horse but when we got back the next week the other horse was sold. We tried her and a Thoroughbred gelding that had just come in, but I didn't like the other one and I really liked Caly (her name was Lady at the time.) We came back with my friend about a week later and my friend and I rode her and jumped her a little bit. I decided that I wanted her so we planned to have her vetted. The vet checked her and she was perfectly sound and he also said that she was the sweetest mare he had ever met!

    My mom told me that the vet still had to do some tests, but then on Wednesday, I went up for my weekly lesson and there was Caly in one of the stalls! I didn't even realize she was there at first and I walked right by her but then I realized she was there and I went back and took her out of her stall. She had a huge bow on her halter and the stall was all decorated. I was so happy that day!

    Actually, Caly had been owned at one time and the owners suddenly disappeared and stopped paying board so the owners of the barn planned to ship Caly back to the selling barn where she had came from, but we bought her right before she got sent back. She used to only do crossrails and she was scared to jump because the kids that used to own her used to yank back on her mouth and it hurt her. Now, I have trained her and she can jump up to three feet and she finally knows her lead changes and everything! I love her so much. She has been to a couple shows this year and she has done great. We have gotten three Champions and two Reserve Champions and tons of other ribbons in Hunters. In her first hunter pace (that's what we're doing in this picture), my friend and I got first and in her first jumpers show she got a 5th, a 2nd, and a 1st out of three classes. She loves jumpers now because she loves going fast! Caly and I will show more next year in both Hunters and Jumpers - and as many hunter paces we can go to, they are loads of fun! Caly is the best horse I could ever have!

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