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November 2, 2005

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Devil, the Pet of the Day
Name: Devil
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chocolate Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Swindon, UK
   Devil loves to have his forehead massaged with two fingers. This relaxes Rabbits, and if they are already relaxed it makes them sleepy! Watch their eyes - they slit like Cats. A sure sign that they love it! Devil sure does!

    If you put your rabbit down the center of your lap, facing away from you, and do this, they will soon lay down and enjoy the fuss. We do this with Devil all the time. When you've done that a bit, slowly inch down to the nose and make the strokes longer. Devil - and all other rabbits - love the have their noses groomed, but if this is a new technique they might not let you touch it, as obviously it's one of their essential sense organs.

    Devil likes ginger biscuits to eat as a treat. This is perfectly save for rabbits, so long as they are given very sparingly such as once a week, as it will make them fat. Surprisingly they aren't too strong for rabbits, and they eat them with great relish, and make their breath smell nice! Two for one!

    Devil loves to be tickled under the chin. When doing this for your rabbit you must make sure you can feel it's jaw bone. This is because you know you aren't too near the eye, which they are very sensitive of, and that you aren't too near their teeth. No matter how much you and your rabbit have bonded, they have a tendency to nip or bite when you touch face regions!

    Devil and I hope we have helped you learn about rabbits, as he has taught me a lot himself! He is a very special rabbit!

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