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November 1, 2005

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Datsun, the Pet of the Day
Name: Datsun
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Indian Ringneck
Home: Auckland, New Zealand
   This is my baby, a normal Green Indian Ringneck parrot (just don't tell Dats I called her 'normal') I can assure you shes anything but!

    We call Datsun female but wont officially know until he/she is at least eighteen months old when if we have a male Datsun will develop a beautiful ring around his neck and if shes a girl she will look exactly as she does in the photo... it kind of like a lucky dip! We figure female until proven otherwise.

    Ringnecks are not well known for being good pets because they are notoriously nippy, loud and very badly behaved... well Datsun is none of those in fact she is one of the most well natured birds I know, even runs off your arm to poop on the ground. Datsun is just learning to talk, only a few words so far but she says "hello" "no, no, no" "good bird" and "wow" so clearly I often look around to see who said it!

    Datsun loves car rides and the whole trip she sits on my lap wolf whistling, while my partner drives. This is really cute but can be embarrassing when we stop at lights and pedestrians hear her and think its me! To top it off its often followed by a very loud and clear laugh... an imitation of mine, I swear she knows exactly whats going on!

    I never liked birds before Datsun found us, but now I am bird crazy. I want an African Grey, a Macaw and a black Cockatoo but Datsun will always be my baby.

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