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Datsun the Indian Ringneck Datsun
Indian Ringneck
Auckland, New Zealand
November 01, 2005

Devil the Chocolate Dwarf Rabbit Devil
Chocolate Dwarf Rabbit
Swindon, UK
November 02, 2005

Franklin the Teddy Bear Hamster Franklin
Teddy Bear Hamster
Pacifica, California, USA
November 03, 2005

Emily the Guinea Pig Emily
Guinea Pig
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
November 04, 2005

Basil the Fancy rat Basil
Fancy rat
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
November 05, 2005

Caly the Thoroughbred Horse Caly
Thoroughbred Horse
Pennsylvania, USA
November 06, 2005

Sweet Pea the Black headed Caique Sweet Pea
Black headed Caique
Seattle, Washington, USA
November 07, 2005

Hamster the Teddy bear hamster Hamster
Teddy bear hamster
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
November 08, 2005

Peaches the Strawberry Roan Peaches
Strawberry Roan
Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA
November 09, 2005

Jensen the Sun Conure Jensen
Sun Conure
Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa
November 10, 2005

Willie the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Willie
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Vicksburg, Michigan, USA
November 11, 2005

Pearl the Maximillian Pionus parrot Pearl
Maximillian Pionus parrot
Houston, Texas, USA
November 12, 2005

Jill the Clydesdale, Percheron cross Jill
Clydesdale, Percheron cross
Derby Junction, New Brunswick, Canada
November 13, 2005

Squiggles the Mini Lop Rabbit Squiggles
Mini Lop Rabbit
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
November 14, 2005

Chui the Peruvian Guinea Pig Chui
Peruvian Guinea Pig
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
November 15, 2005

Ginger the Mongolian Gerbil Ginger
Mongolian Gerbil
St. Davids, Pennsylvania, USA
November 16, 2005

Altissimo the Rainbow Lorikeet Altissimo
Rainbow Lorikeet
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
November 17, 2005

Pöndi the Dwarf Rabbit Pöndi
Dwarf Rabbit
Tatabanya, Hungary
November 18, 2005

Gizmo the Ferret Gizmo
Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
November 19, 2005

Jade the Striped Roan Husky Rat Jade
Striped Roan Husky Rat
Scotland, UK
November 20, 2005

Billy the Budgie Billy
Devon, United Kingdom
November 21, 2005

Snickers the Campbell's Dwarf Hamster Snickers
Campbell's Dwarf Hamster
Rochester, Minnesota, USA
November 22, 2005

Pokey the Hedgehog Pokey
Amarillo, Texas, USA
November 23, 2005

Mo the Guinea Pig Mo
Guinea Pig
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
November 24, 2005

Gunthry the Cockatiel Gunthry
Jackonville, Florida, USA
November 25, 2005

Dollop the Holland Lop Rabbit Dollop
Holland Lop Rabbit
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
November 26, 2005

Jewels the Thoroughbred Horse Jewels
Thoroughbred Horse
Eden, New York, USA
November 27, 2005

Beeper the Pied Zebra Finch Beeper
Pied Zebra Finch
Dallas, Georgia, USA
November 28, 2005

Pepper the Sheltie Guinea Pig Pepper
Sheltie Guinea Pig
Somerset, UK
November 29, 2005

Scooter the Gerbil Scooter
Alabaster, Alabama, USA
November 30, 2005

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