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May 29, 2005

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Pengu, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pengu
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: White-Face Cockatiel
Home: Eastern Ontario, Canada
   Hi, I'm Pengu and although I was a birthday present last year for my Mom I have fallen for my Dad. I call for him and am happiest when I am perched on his shoulder preening myself. My Mom heard that my previous owner was ill and could no longer care for me so she made arrangements to meet me. As soon as she saw me she fell in love with my sweet nature and beautiful markings. I cannot talk but I do try to imitate the phone ringing and I make little cooing sounds when my Mom and Dad call my name. I was scared at first but now I love my new home. I have a sister cockatiel named Shermie who at first did not like me...I think she was jealous of the attention I was getting but now she has let me share her spacious cage. The truth is, we are rarely in our cage and mostly hang outside on our ladder or tree branch. Mom and Dad give me treats and spoil me but hey I deserve it because I give them so much love and let them scritch me as often as they like. I am glad my Mom adopted me and I hope to stay with them a long, long time.

    This is Pengu's miracle story ... Sunday evening March 12, my husband forgot Pengu was on his shoulder when he went outside and she flew away in -9C winter weather. The following message was sent to Parrot 911 in follow up to an international lost ad posted worldwide.

    Pengu is home! We are absolutely ecstatic and feel truly blessed. On Wednesday, March 16 at 2 pm, I received a phone call in response to our lost ad in the local newspaper from a family located about a kilometer away that they had found a cockatiel in a snow bank on Monday (March 14) evening nearly 24 hours after she escaped. She had actually flown into a little girl's hair while she was out playing in the snow. It is spring break this week so more kids are out playing in the neighborhood...another miracle. The temperature Sunday (March 13) night when she escaped was -9C and rose to -1C on Monday. We had put out fliers, called vet offices, city animal control, notified local pet stores, placed an ad in the local newspaper, and scoured the neighborhood asking people to be on the alert for our cockatiel. I received the call Wednesday and was asked to describe Pengu I was shaking so much I could hardly speak or hold the telephone receiver... as the call progressed it was clear that there was a good possibility that the found bird was our Pengie.

    I drove immediately to the location and peaking out of a cat carrier was my baby. I opened the door and took her out. She perked up immediately and started to climb toward my shoulder. I examined her and noticed two small abrasions on her face and she is missing all of her beautiful tail feathers. The couple laughed that they had no doubt that she was my bird. It was obvious by her change in demeanor. After confirming she was my cockatiel I left to get a bird carrier and the reward money. Once home safe and sound, I phoned my husband at work and left this message, "If you don't believe in miracles you should because I have wonderful news for you" (the last few words were mumbled through my tears as I broke down). Shortly afterwards, I received a call from my husband who after confirming my news left work and came immediately home. Although, Pengie is my bird she has fallen for my husband and is most content sitting on his shoulder. Their reunion was beautiful... she made her one of a kind whoot whoot whistles as he gave her scritches. He had been absolutely devastated that he was responsible for her escape and possible death.

    We have instituted new measures in our home to reduce the risk of this happening again. We feel truly blessed that we have this second chance and I have the deepest empathy for any family that has this happen to them. While Pengu was missing I thought I would spend the rest of my life looking up into the trees and questioning every bird chirp that sounded remotely like her.

    We're so glad to have you Home, Pengie. We love you very much.

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