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Sierra, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sierra
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Appaloosa Horse
Home: Grants Pass, Oregon, USA
   Sierra is truly the love of my life. I was at school, and I had finished my class work, so I decided to get online. I was pretty bored so I went to, my favorite place for looking at horses. I came across her picture, I thought I had seen it before, but while I was there I decided to read her ad anyway. That moment is one I will never forget.

    After seeing Sierra twice, looking at her dream horse ad every day and when we learned someone else offered to put a down payment on her, we decided to get her before they did. She was - and is - the perfect horse for me! My friendship with Sierra has only begun & I hope to continue it with things that both of us want to do together. She is a one of a kind horse, one of those hard to come by. She is smart as well as beautiful, really just a great all-around horse and a true friend.

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