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May 18, 2005

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Ariel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ariel
Age: Fourteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Congo African Grey
Home: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
   This is Ariel, a fourteen-month-old Congo African grey. She lives with her big sister Tantra (3.5-year-old Timnah African Grey) and her mommy in Shreveport, LA. She has a purse fetish - every time she sees my purse she starts crying and whimpering, so I finally just gave it to her to keep - it is no longer recognizable as a purse!! Ariel loves to run to me when she's on the floor, grab my finger with her "hands", and flip herself onto her back for belly scritches. She and Tantra are the love of my life!!

    Ariel is just beginning to speak, she says "buh-bye," but right now it sounds like an eight-year-old boy burping the words... I suppose she's just beginning to "find her voice"!

    She loves for me to creep up to her (in plain view, of course - and with lots of drama) and when I say "I'm gonna gitch you!", she gets an ecstatic look on her face, then jumps on my hand and play-bites my hand, then she flips upside down!

    She is very very sweet-natured. I adopted her at fifteen weeks; she was in the final stage of weaning, and was eating formula from a big medicine spoon. She warms up to strangers in a relatively short time, and it takes a crowbar for me to get her off my shoulder - she will cry and whimper just like a baby - yes, she's spoiled rotten.

    I got her and Tantra some Lego toys to make a village with, so I can teach them to play "Greyzilla", where they'll get to tear up the town and "kill" the Lego people!

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