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May 15, 2005

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Sophie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sophie
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: English Short Hair
Home: Florissant, Missouri, USA
   This is our little sweetheart Sophie. This picture was taken on her fourth birthday last August. Spoiled, yes, but she deserves every bit of it. Sophie made our Christmas season brighter this last year because she was a sweet little trooper in her speedy recovery from bladder surgery that was done on December 13, 2004. Sophie had to have two bladder stones surgically removed, and one of them was the size of a pea! That is a very large stone to reside in a guinea pig's bladder that is no larger than a grape.

    On the first day after surgery, Sophie was eating and drinking on her own, ripping up her newspaper bedding, playing with her toilet paper tubes, and running around her cage! Her physical activity and sunny disposition made it easier for us to give her the medicine and nutrient supplement during her recovery. Sophie's stitches were snipped out on December 27, and she hasn't skipped a beat! Sophie is our happy little girl, and we are very thankful for her speedy recovery!

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