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May 2, 2005

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Buzby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buzby
Age: Ten weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lion-head Rabbit
Home: Sussex, UK
   This is Buzby, I bought him on an impulse whilst on my final year at University. I just could not resist his cute and unusual appearance. When people meet Buzz for the first time they always say: "That's not a Rabbit!!" Buzz has been told he looks like a cat, a scotty dog, a furby, even an ewok, but hardly ever a rabbit!

    He was great company for me whilst living alone in my flat at university. The living room there had wood flooring that he loved to take run-ups onto from the hallway and then skid across the floor in front of me. He kept me entertained for hours.

    Now back home, Buzz shares my bedroom with me. I think my boyfriend gets a little jealous sometimes of the attention I give to him. I also think Buzz likes to play on this by jumping up onto my boyfriend when he's not looking, and now my boyfriend is scared of him! I am considering getting Buzz a little girlfriend of his own this year so that he has someone to talk to when I'm not around. Although this will have to mean a visit to the vets, poor Buzby!

    Anyway I wouldn't be without my cute little fluffball Buzzybee, I just wish I could litter train him so that he won't keep peeing on my floor!!

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