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May 1, 2005

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Buttons, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buttons
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Thoroughbred horse
Home: Monkton, Maryland, USA
   Cute as a Button (aka Buttons) is a Thoroughbred bay mare owned by Tranquility Manor Farms. Buttons is an amazing riding horse who does it all. Here she is with her most adored rider, Maya. Maya has ridden and leased Buttons for many years and they share an incredible bond with each other. Just a few things they love to do are horse shows, eventing, trail rides with friends, riding lessons and hunter paces together. This picture shows Maya and Button's last full season of horse showing together.

    Many events happened to them during this year. One of which took place in the begining of the show season when Maya and Buttons both fell down over a fence. Maya broke her collarbone and Buttons hurt her left foreleg. Buttons soon healed but it would be at least two and 1/2 months before Maya could even think about riding again. Maya spent most of the show season visiting and pampering Buttons and whatching her friends go to all the shows. Finally when the end of the show season rolled around Maya and Buttons were ready to come back, making it to Medal Finals, the final show of the season. Maya and Buttons went out with a bang as she and Buttons proved that they were the best team, winning the Medal Finals division Child on a Horse.

    Sadly this show year Maya found out that her family was moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee, forcing her to leave her beloved Buttons behind. Her friends constantly mail her letters and pictures of Buttons to keep her updated on how Buttons is doing, and what's going on back in Maryland.

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