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March 26, 2005

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Chinchi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chinchi
Age: Seven and a half months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
   Meet Ms. Chinchi!! Chinchi is a mis-marked Dutch silver agouti and white piggie. We bought her in the beginning of October 2004.

    I got her from a pet shop. I wanted a companion for my other guinea pig Bubbles. It was difficult to decide which one to choose. I had already seen so many different ones, but then I saw this little grey and white bum under a pile of hay, I knew that was the one. And when the rest of her appeared, I had already bought her. She was so tiny, only six weeks old.

    I came up with the name Chinchi because when she was a bubsie she had a funny pointy nose. She could have been mistaken for a chinchilla, except for the fact that she had no tail.

    It was a bit difficult to get Chinchi adjusted to her new home. Bubbs was really dominant towards her and was chasing her around and teeth chattering. It was a bit scary to look at, but upon having contact with the pet shop and talking to a breeder, she calmed us down and explained that it was perfectly normal behavior and that we only should separate them if they got so violent that one of them was bleeding. And after two to three days they finally calmed down. It is obvious that Bubbs is the boss, but she has accepted Chinchi.

    Chinchi is absolutely crazy - in a good way! Chinchi is a real wheeker. She screams for food and attention constantly. She's so funny and entertaining to watch. She's a true popcorner, and loves running around on the floor while talking and popping like a mad dog! When ever she sees something new she will talk to it. When she sees something familiar, she will talk to it. She's always talking. The only time she's quiet is when she's sleeping.

    Chinchi is a cuddler! She loves giving kisses and being cuddled. And then she absolutely adores her yoghurt drops. She can eat constantly.

    We had to take her to the vet one time because we discovered a bump on the side of her mouth. The vet said that Bubbs probably had bitten her once and that it now had developed into an abscess. We got an antibiotic cure for her for ten days. After the treatment the bump was still there, but after a few weeks more it was completely gone.

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