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March 20, 2005

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Jesse James, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jesse James
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature donkey
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   If you're a lover of equines like I am, how could you resist this little guy, Jesse James? He and his best buddy, Tyrone, came to live on my farm three years ago. Being miniature donkeys, they only stand 33 inches tall at the withers, so they don't take up as much room as a big horse would.

    Jesse and Tyrone are always together. If I happen to take one of them out of the pasture to walk around the yard, the donkey left behind starts braying up a storm. Their voices are so comical to hear, and very loud. Good thing we don't have close neighbors or they'd be complaining about the noise.

    A lot of people ask me "what do you do with donkeys. What good are they?" Silly people. Donkeys can do anything you train them to do, or they can just be themselves--sweet, loveable, fuzzy companions, not unlike dogs and cats, just a bit harder to fit on your lap.

    Jesse is special to me because he's so huggable and sweet, and always in a good mood. He and Tyrone are the best kind of guys to have around if I'm having a bad day--just going to the barn and seeing their big ears and furry faces lifts my spirits. I can't imagine life without donkeys.

    My little donkey comes in a small package, but he's very big on personality. He's cuddly, loveable, playful, and so much fun to be around. He puts a smile on my face every day!

   See another Jesse James photo.

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