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March 13, 2005

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Willy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Willy
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Burmese Python
Home: Delta, Ohio, USA
   Willy is a very special Burmese Python. Not only is he an albino, but Willy was hatched with only one eye. When I first saw him I fell in love with him. He was about six months old and the owner of the reptile store wasn't going to sell him because of his handicap. But I couldn't go home without him so the owner and I worked out a deal and Willy came home with me.

    The first few days Willy wasn't the nicest guy. He was scared and cranky and didn't know what to think about being handled. But I was persistent and gentle and he has grown to love it. He loves to explore everything. He likes to rest on my shoulders while I walk around the house or sit and watch TV.

    Having only one eye doesn't effect his ability to hunt and eat. He eats very well and has no problem catching prey when its offered to him.

    Willy will grow to be about 12-15 feet long and probably weigh well over 100 pounds. Right now he is about two feet long. Having a large Python is not for everyone. You must plan ahead and be able to accommodate him for the rest of his life. Snakes are great pets. They are quiet, pretty clean, and most are easy to take care of as long as you have done your homework.

    Willy shares my home with two Ball Pythons, a Rosy boa, and African House Snake, two Doberman Pinschers, and an Umbrella Cockatoo.

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