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Floyd the Monk Parrot Floyd
Monk Parrot
Connecticut, USA
March 01, 2005

Harley the Harlequin Rex Rabbit Harley
Harlequin Rex Rabbit
Arlington, Texas, USA
March 02, 2005

Eragon the Bearded dragon Eragon
Bearded dragon
Austin, Texas, USA
March 03, 2005

Repeat the Thoroughbred Horse Repeat
Thoroughbred Horse
Dix Hills, New York, USA
March 04, 2005

DJ, Jack the Guinea Pig DJ, Jack
Guinea Pig
Newark, Delaware, USA
March 05, 2005

Baby the Cockatiel Baby
Keasbey, New Jersey, USA
March 06, 2005

Precious the Dwarf Cross Rabbit Precious
Dwarf Cross Rabbit
Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
March 07, 2005

Daisy the Fancy Rat Daisy
Fancy Rat
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
March 08, 2005

Ozzie the Senegal Parrot Ozzie
Senegal Parrot
England, UK
March 09, 2005

Cornelious the Ferret Cornelious
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
March 10, 2005

Alfie the Mali Uromastyx Alfie
Mali Uromastyx
Naples, Florida, USA
March 11, 2005

Ellie Mae the Splash Silkie chicken Ellie Mae
Splash Silkie chicken
Arlington, Washington, USA
March 12, 2005

Willy the Burmese Python Willy
Burmese Python
Delta, Ohio, USA
March 13, 2005

Cherie the Chinchilla Cherie
Rome, Italy
March 14, 2005

Louie the White Bellied Caique Louie
White Bellied Caique
South Florida, USA
March 15, 2005

Boots, Spot the Dwarf Mix, Mini Lop Boots, Spot
Dwarf Mix, Mini Lop
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
March 16, 2005

Frank the Campbell's Dwarf hamster Frank
Campbell's Dwarf hamster
March 17, 2005

Molly the Sugar Glider Molly
Sugar Glider
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
March 18, 2005

Punky the Cockatiel Punky
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
March 19, 2005

Jesse James the Miniature donkey Jesse James
Miniature donkey
Pennsylvania, USA
March 20, 2005

Sebastian the Lutino Lovebird Sebastian
Lutino Lovebird
Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA
March 21, 2005

Cocoa the Black Sable Ferret Cocoa
Black Sable Ferret
March 22, 2005

Pica the Blue and Gold Macaw Pica
Blue and Gold Macaw
Green, Ohio, USA
March 23, 2005

Chloe the Syrian Hamster Chloe
Syrian Hamster
Wageningen, The Netherlands
March 24, 2005

Mabel the Fancy Mouse Mabel
Fancy Mouse
Fargo, North Dakota, USA
March 25, 2005

Chinchi the Guinea Pig Chinchi
Guinea Pig
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
March 26, 2005

Dingleberry the Polish Rabbit Dingleberry
Polish Rabbit
Melbourne, Australia
March 27, 2005

Chula the African Grey Congo Chula
African Grey Congo
Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
March 28, 2005

Piggy the Guinea Pig Piggy
Guinea Pig
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
March 29, 2005

Clover the Rabbit Clover
New York, USA
March 30, 2005

Austin the Paint Horse Austin
Paint Horse
Bethlehem, Connecticut, USA
March 31, 2005

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