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June 30, 2005

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Duncan, the Pet of the Day
Name: Duncan
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard Grey Chinchilla
Home: Pomeroy, Ohio, USA
   This is Duncan my chinchilla. I have only had him for five months. I bought him from a family that was moving and did not want him anymore. They had him in a cage with other males that beat up on him. He had several tears on his ears, so I rescued him.

    Duncan is very hyper and literally bounces off the walls! Two weeks after I got him he broke his leg. He had to wear a green cast for four weeks. He thought a green thing was chasing him at first: the leg was stabilized straight out so he could see it when he ran. I felt so sorry for him after the rough life he already had. But that's all behind him. He is all better now and bouncing off the walls again. He loves to run down into the guinea pig cages and eat hay with them. He is very entertaining.

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