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June 10, 2005

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Clarke, the Pet of the Day
Name: Clarke
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Holland Lop Rabbit
Home: West Orange, New Jersey, USA
   With a name like Clarke you may think she's actually a he, but that's just one of my little bunny's interesting quirks. Obviously, she is cute as a button, but like I said, that's obvious. She is also extremely loveable, and all you have to do to get kisses is ask for them with a kissing sound. She responds to the phrase 'Do you love me?' as well by kissing. If it is not your face, then it's your neck which is one of the places she best likes to snuggle up into. The only thing she may love more than her people... is food! This rabbit is nuts about human food. This may be because she seems to think she's human and never understands why she doesn't get to eat more human food. She gives the cookie monster some competition, because when she gets just one cookie there is no shooing her away; she will undoubtedly beg for more.

    Clarke is also a very happy bunny, always up to play with you. She will chase you or let you chase her, not to mention jump around and do 180s like a maniac. When she's done going crazy she'll flop on her side or just fall down right where she is, all too content, and even happier if someone comes along to give her a scratch behind the ears.

    But, the best thing about Clarke is her amazing sense of humor. I live in an apartment at college, so often times I and the rest of the girls will be sitting around in the living room with our books on the sofa, as Clarke runs around. You never know when she will have the urge to leap two feet up into the air onto the couch and on to your books or laptop also as she often does. Sometimes she'll only stay long enough to give you a quick kiss on your hand and then run away. Sometimes she'll take one of your papers with her to chew on and shred up. She knows just the way to lighten the mood during study week, that's for sure. And that is why I love her; she is what keeps me sane and makes me laugh constantly. She is my baby, and I can't imagine life at this point without her.

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