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June 7, 2005

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Pebbles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pebbles
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian Dwarf Hamster
Home: Manns Choice, Pennsylvania, USA
   My little buddy's name is Pebbles. I got him from a local pet store after my last hamster, Nibbles, passed away and he has been my best friend ever since. He sure loves to eat, his favorite foods are carrots, lettuce and sunflower seeds and his favorite activities are running in his wheel, playing in his little house, and exploring in his Habitrail Safari Maze and Outpost.

    Pebbles is a real people person (or hamster, as the case may be), he always enjoys the opportunity to get out of his cage and play with my nieces and nephews or to show off by running around in his ball on his Hamtrac.

    For such a little guy, he sure knows how to make a lot of noise, especially when he is running in his wheel, and believe me, he is probably the most spoiled hamster in the world, but he is worth it.

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