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June 5, 2005

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Jay, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jay
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dumbo Blue Berkshire Rat
Home: Seattle, Washington, USA
   I'd like to introduce Jay, the young rat with the nice Harry Potter blaze. He lives with his buddy, Silent Bob, in Seattle, Washington. Jay was rescued at five weeks of age with his lower left hind foot chewed off. Bob came along after Jay's stump healed. Both rats are boys, approximately seven months old. Jay is a Dumbo (so called because of his ears being low on the side of his head) blue Berkshire (gray with white belly and legs). The white rat under Jay is Silent Bob, a Pink-Eyed White. Jay still tries to scratch with his left leg, but with no foot, Momma ends up doing the scritching on his left side for him.

    Jay is now doing better than ever. He's become quite the little adventurer! Rats are more nocturnal than anything else, so around 3am I am treated to quite a show! Right on my bed, in front of my face, they play, mock fight, do rattie wrestling, jump around, on, over, under... they are the most fun to watch and I am constantly being totally fascinated at their interaction with each other and me!

    After mostly having dogs and cats, I sure wish I'd discovered the joy of rats a long time ago! Jay is really settling in after the move back to Seattle late October. He's quite the little scrounger, too! Nothing escapes his twitching nose and long whiskers! He sure doesn't know he's physically challenged getting around my room. Lately they both have been spending more time on my bed around me, exactly what other rat owners said they'd start to do once the adolescent rush was over! It's a lot of fun to watch the mutual grooming, sometimes I even join in with that and when they're doing a WWF Wrestling match!

    All in all, rats make excellent, amusing, fun, and sweet pets ... not to mention smart ... smart enough to have me trained to give a treat when they do something cute!

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