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June 3, 2005

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Sheeba, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sheeba
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Congo African Grey Parrot
Home: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
   My pet's name is Sheeba. She is ten years old and should live to be about 75, so you know having a parrot is a long-term commitment.

    In this photo she is going on vacation with us and she is eating a Slim Jim. She will eat anything, in fact. When we have parties, she comes alive. Everyone has to hold her, feed her and be amused by her - she is the life of the party every time.

    Sheeba is loving, intelligent and unusually social. She barks like the dog and rings just like the telephone, hammers, calls the dog, dials the telephone and the list of noises she makes is too long to note. We love her and she is very special, as you can clearly see.

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