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July 24, 2005

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Lulu, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lulu
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Red-Eared Slider
Home: Connecticut, USA
   This is Lulu, one of my four Red-Eared turtles. Lulu (as well as her two brothers and one sister), was born in Florida, although after her adoption she resides in Connecticut. She is five years old and measures nine inches long. She enjoys the outdoors during summer time as you can see in the photo. She loves adventure and loves to explore our back yard. Lulu's favorites food is fresh fish as plants that are required for her diet is not available in Connecticut. Of the four turtles Lulu is the most adventurous. During winter months she basks under a special light and swims in a water tank. During spring and summer she swims in an artificial pond prepared especially for them in the back yard. As they do not like cold water, we have placed a water heater that keeps temperatures within the 80 degrees in the water tank and artificial pond. She loves to bask under the sun along with the others in a special platform that also keeps them dry for hours. Lulu is a funny and loving pet!

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