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July 20, 2005

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Larry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Larry
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black-Capped Conure
Home: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
   Larry is the most adorable conure on the face of the earth! He loves to cuddle with his Mama and Daddy. If he isn't out playing with them, then he's asking to come out and play with them. He loves baths and eating Captain Crunch cereal. A few things he "says" are "hello," "I love you," and "Larry Bird." He knows several tricks, including "be a fan," "give kisses," and "play dead."

    Larry can be as independent as he wants to be. He is very territorial about his cage, so we always give him a few minutes to calm down on top of his cage before we pick him up. Once he is out of his cage, he is very cuddly. He loves to have his head pet and he loves to cuddle. He only lets his Mama pet him under his wings or touch his wings.

    He has a "playpen" on the coffee table where he spends most of his time when his people are home. His favorite game is to push things off the table and then have his Mama and Daddy pick them up for him. He also really loves baths and when it's time for a bath, he lets everyone know it by either flapping his wings over and over, or actually flying into the bathroom. Once he is done in the sink, boy does he look funny! He is usually dripping wet.

    When we bought Larry from the pet store, he was already banded. The band number he has is unique to him, so it helps if he were ever lost or stolen. Plus, this means that he is a legal, domesticated bird and that we did not poach him out of the wild.

    Some of his favorite snacks include Cheerios, Captain Crunch cereal, peanuts, grapes, spinach, green beans, and strawberries. The main part of his diet is Kaytee rainbow pellets.

    Larry Bird got his name mostly from my dad's funny sense of humor. When he knew we were thinking of getting a bird, he said, "Well, you can't name him Larry because then his name would be Larry Byrd." The name just stuck and we knew that no matter what bird we got, we would name him Larry.

    He is a lovely bird who is very sweet and loving (most of the time). We are so glad that we have him in our family. He is the best pet a person could ask for, and we love him very much.

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