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July 19, 2005

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Cricket, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cricket
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Campbell's Dwarf Hamster
Home: Rochester, Minnesota, USA
   In January, "Mom" and "Dad" were at the pet shop and saw my sister out playing. They decided to take her home and, since there were only two of us, that left me all alone! Luckily, I woke up just before they left and showed them how special I am. They couldn't bear to leave me behind and now my sister, Snickers, and I live together happily in a big cage; we like to snuggle together when we sleep.

    I have opal coloration, am very friendly, and I love my new wheel. Mom spoils me with sunflower seeds and I like to come out and chew on her shirt buttons. Snickers likes to be in charge and I usually put up with it but sometimes she gets on my nerves and I have to squeak at her.

    Cricket is so gentle and cheerful and has so much energy that she always brings a smile to your face. We are so happy that we gave you a chance, Cricket. We love you!

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