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July 10, 2005

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Nick, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nick
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Holland Lop Rabbit
Home: Germantown, New York, USA
   Nick was rescued by the Upstate New York House Rabbit Society when he was only three days old. He was one of eight siblings, and 25 other rabbits found living in deplorable conditions in a woman's house in Albany NY who was 'breeding' Holland Lops for pet shop sale. There were cats roaming the house who were killing the rabbits, which were confined to open-topped cages. Nick's mother was killed in this way.

    He was hand fed and raised by foster parents until I adopted him in January 2004. All of his siblings, and the rabbits who survived this particular 'Bunny Mill' now have forever homes. He is a lucky one (and spoiled rotten to boot!) There are so many rabbits that are not so lucky. What can you do?

    Never buy a rabbit from a pet store! If there is no market for them, the 'Bunny Mills' will close. Check your local shelter - adopt and save a rabbit's life. Check for local fosterers around you by going to and adopt a spayed or neutered rabbit.

    Rabbits are not 'throw away pets' and they are not 'low maintenance'. They require a long-term commitment on your part. Be prepared to have a rabbit for six to nine years or longer. They are not suitable pets for young children. Do not buy a rabbit on impulse. They are cute, but they are living, intelligent, loving creatures that need an indoor home. Nick is adorable, and repays us every day just by being a great rabbit. When you stroke him just right, he is the picture of a happy, content bunny.

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