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January 28, 2005

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Sofia, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sofia
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster
Home: Ohio, USA
   Sofia is special because she's lots of fun to watch and she's so smart! When we're not paying enough attention to her she climbs on top of her wheel and runs on it like a log roller. She can do this for minutes at a time running at full speed. She loves people and especially loves climbing to the top the couch and sliding down into your hands. She is the only hamster I've ever seen that refuse to go into her ball. She will stick out all of her legs and climb back up your arm to keep you from putting her in it.

    She wedges pumpkin seeds into the top latch of her cage trying to get it open. A couple times she almost did! Once we left her water bottle out of her cage for a minute (her house consists of a tri-level condo) and she managed to climb out of the hole and we found her running wild in the dining room. Whenever she escapes we usually find her near her food supply cabinet, stuffing her face full of chew sticks.

    We love Sofia and can't imagine life without her tricks! She really makes us laugh.

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