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January 27, 2005

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Apache, the Pet of the Day
Name: Apache
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Paint, Thoroughbred cross
Home: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
   I got Apache as a three-year-old. He was only jumping crossrails when I got him. I have trained him to where we are practicing 3'9" jumper courses and showing at 3'6". We have won circuit champion down at Tucson for the Fall Series and the Winter Circuit, estimated as the second best series/circuit on the west coast. My trainer doesn't ride him, I've done all his training. He is definitely one of the hardest horses out there to ride, but he is the perfect jumper. He has the strongest head, and will yank your arm out over 4' jumps if you're not paying attention! Apache is fast, sometimes too fast, can make quick turns, and doesn't hit the jumps. Jumpers in horse showing are judged by speed, and he is just the best there is.

    As you can see in the picture, he has no problem clearing the jumps. That jump is only 2'6". Although he is so headstrong, you have to admit he is a cute jumper! The highest I've jumped him is 4'3", but only my best friend was there to see it besides Apache and me! He is a great horse, and my friend, and we have learned a lot together.

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