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January 16, 2005

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Digger, the Pet of the Day
Name: Digger
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Appaloosa
Home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
   My name is Digger, and I am a red roan Appaloosa. I am my girl's very first horse, and she trained all by herself. At 14.2 hands high, I am rather small, yet I can still beat all the big horses when it comes to racing! I love to be with my girl especially when she brings me oats!!

    Digger is an extremely special horse. He is very affectionate, and has never once even tried to throw a rider. I hope to eventually show him in hunter classes, but we'll wait till he's full grown to start showing. He likes to pick all the brushes out of the tack box and throw them on the ground. He is called Digger because he is very impatient and is constantly digging holes when tied or in a stall. Digger has never missed a meal, as he pushes all the others out of the way to get at the hay. He is a little firecracker and constantly wants to get out and run! Digger is the sweetest colt on the farm.

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