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January 14, 2005

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Jake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jake
Age: Five and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Jenday Conure
Home: Adamsville, Alabama, USA
   Jake is a Jenday Conure. He is special most of all because Jake make me laugh when I am sad. I have lots of health problems and Jake helps me get through them. When I am upset, he makes me smile. He is my baby Jake!

    Jake loves to play, and hang from the bars in his cage He can talk. His favorite thing to say is "I want a peanutttttt" and also "give me a kiss." He is very loving and affectionate, but just to me and my husband. He doesn't want anyone else to hold him. But that's ok with us, we are retired and kids are gone, so he is our baby now. He is a very needy bird and very quiet for a conure. I would say if you want a bird get a conure they are little clowns, and will cheer up the darkest day!

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