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February 22, 2005

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Lucy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucy
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sun Conure
Home: Decatur, Macon County, Illinois, USA
   Lucy came to me as a tiny little hatchling, covered in soft grey down, barely having her eyes open. Her mommy was a bright yellow and green Sun Conure, and her daddy was a grey and green Sun Dusky Conure. She is quite affectionately known now as a hybrid conure, a Sun Dusky. She is just about one year old, and her first words were "step up." Not a real big talker, but she tries to mimic the other birds around her.

    Lucy is the sweetest little girl, who loves to ride on my shoulder and give kisses. Her curiosity is endless and watching her explore the world around her is such a joy. Her crazy antics never fail to make me smile. She loves to cuddle and snuggle up in her favorite little bird tent with her best buddy, Paco, the Quaker Parrot.

    Many birds love showers, and Lucy is no exception. She will stretch her wings and fan out her tail to catch every drop of water. Then run over an jump in her water dish and splash around some more. Once she's completely drenched, will she shake out all her feathers and preen until she shines like the sun. She is truly a blessing to me and a joy to have in my life.

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