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February 20, 2005

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Dusty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dusty
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Arabian, Quarter Horse
Home: Newbrook, Alberta, Canada
   I had been asking for a horse for a long time, and my dad finally agreed to go to a horse auction. We split up to look at horses. While I was walking past the pens I saw this ugly grey gelding. I looked him over he was in really bad shape, he had an extremely shaggy matted dirty coat, and cuts and a lot of other injuries. I read his slip, it said "for meat only," it also said he was green broke. I had to have him, something inside me said I must buy him.

    When he came into the sale ring a lot of the meat buyers were bidding on him. I made sure my dad was bidding on him too, when my dad shook his head no I almost knocked him over when I pushed him to keep bidding. All of a sudden the auctioneer started laughing and hollered "Sold!" and pointed to us. I was so happy.

    My dad said the horse was too crazy. I didn't care, he was the one I wanted. I worked and groomed him every day. I found that he was afraid of men, and wanted to attack every other person he met. My dad said he had probably been beaten before we got him, I thought so too, considering how many sores he had.

    Once he was healthy again, I tried him in some gymkhanas, and found to my surprise he loved to run the barrels. I won a silver buckle with him the first year out! Lately I have to go into the adult classes to compete in barrels because he is so good, always wins firsts, and seconds, and surprisingly does well in the conformation ring. My whole family is very surprised on how much he has improved and are especially proud of me for not only saving him from the meat packers, but giving him a second chance at life. Unfortunately, being grey in color, he is more susceptible to cancer (this is true of lighter-colored horses), and now he does have a tumor in the glands on the side of his head of which can't be removed. The vet said he should last many years without it bothering him. I hope so, too. Dusty is a great horse.

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