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February 16, 2005

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Bonsai, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bonsai
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cinnamon Green-Cheeked Conure
Home: Key Largo, Florida, USA
   This is Bonsai. No, he was not left out in the sun too long, he is a Cinnamon Green-Cheeked Conure which is a color mutation of the normal Green-Cheeked Conure. We got Bonsai from a breeder in Texas, so he is a Southern Boy. We named him Bonsai because is a little bird, but with all of the good looks and personality of a great big bird. He is the most gregarious little thing we have ever seen. His favorite thing in the world to do is lie on his back and tumble down Dad's belly on to the couch. At five months, he already says "pretty bird," "step up," "good boy," and he makes kissie noises pretty much constantly. We are very very lucky to have Bonsai, as he has helped fill a void that was formed when we lost our other baby, a normal green-cheeked conure, not too long ago. I love my Bonsai, and I couldn't imagine life without him!

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