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February 15, 2005

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Smoochie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Smoochie
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Home: Highland Park, Illinois, USA
   There are no words that are able to describe how much I love my wonderful hedgehog Smoochie. In mid July 2004 I met in a parking lot to finally get my hedgehog. After two years of wanting one, it finally happened. The breeder we met with plopped the little creature into my lap. The tiny animal squirmed around and looked up at me. I knew I would be going home with her. After looking at two more hedgehogs I was 100% sure she would be mine. I was so excited, I was shaking. The car ride home was long, and I was anxious.

    I don't know how she got to be named Smoochie, but it just fits her perfectly. I love her so much. Smoochie likes to run on her wheel at night but is terrified of her exercise ball. I walk by her room at night and can hear the wheel screeching and squeaking. She's so cute! She loves her little sleeping hat and purse I carry her around in. I walk around my house with her in it and she can't just look through the screen window, she has to see the world better than that! She pops her cute little head out of the purse, paws on the rim and looks out at her world, the wind in her face!

    Smoochie taught herself an amazing trick. I was playing around with her and stuck my tongue out at her. Surprisingly enough, she stuck her tongue out at me too! I kept doing it, and so did she! She's so amazingly talented. I love her so much.

    After going through so many kinds of animals I finally found one that I'll love forever and ever. And she'll always love me too. Hedgehogs are my kind of animal, they're so unique. But Smoochie is one-of-a-kind! She's the best animal ever!

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