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February 12, 2005

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Miles, Alex, the Pet of the Day
Name: Miles, Alex
Age: Seven weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters
Home: Rochester, Minnesota, USA
   In the photograph - Miles is on the left and Alex is on the right. Miles and Alex are brothers who came to us from a local breeder. They were very shy at first but warmed right up to us after discovering that, not only did they get a big cage with lots of toys, but that their new "parents" also came with a large bag of treats!

    Miles has platinum opal coloration and his most favorite things in the world are his wheel and his "dad". Miles runs almost all night long and runs at an average speed of 2.4 mph (3.9 km/h). Thus, his nickname is Speed Racer.

    Alex has opal coloration and his main goal in life is to empty the food dish. His favorite treats include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and millet. He is very mellow and he loves his "mom".

    We are so thankful to have such wonderful fur-kids! We hope to share a long and happy life with them!

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