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February 8, 2005

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Skeeter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Skeeter
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Statesboro, Georgia, USA
   Skeeter lives in the small college town of Statesboro, Georgia. In this picture, she has her mouth open ('gaping') because she trying to cool her body off just a little bit - an open mouth lets heat escape the body.

    Skeeter lives with her "boyfriend," Scooter (another Beardie) in a comfortable 75 gallon tank. Skeeter is very special to us because she goes just about everywhere with me. She goes to the local pet store, the video store, fast food drive thrus, and walks around the Georgia Southern University campus... She likes attracting attention to herself, because the folks down here have never seen a critter like her sittin' on someone's shoulder! Skeeter also goes to elementary schools with me to talk to kids about responsibility of owing a pet (especially a reptile!), along with several other of my reptiles.

    She is the perfect example of a well-behaved Beardie! Skeeter will let anyone handle her; even all the kids in the classroom get to pick her up and put her on their shoulder. She just loves to be on anyone's shoulder so she can see all thats going on around her.

    We feed Skeeter and Scooter about 45 medium sized crickets a week - we shake several of the crickets into their tank and the lizards dart around trying to gobble them all up. They both eat a variety of fruits and veggies, along with special Bearded Dragon pellets. Also, about every other week, both Skeeter and Scooter will eat a small "fuzzy" (a.k.a. a baby mouse), which helps them bulk up for the colder weather. Our Bearded Dragons (like most) are very low maintenance, and a lot of fun to care for. Being from an origin of desert-dwelling lizards, Beardies need just the basics to thrive (the fruits and veggies provide enough water for their bodies, the pellets add missing nutrients they cannot get in captivity, the crickets are packed with protein and its their main staple, and the fuzzies add a bit of fat to their bodies). On top of feeding the Beardies, they require a desert-like environment - with the tank they live in divided up into a "hot side" and a "cool side," so they can regulate their body temperature. There are pieces of wood for them to climb on so they can get closer to the heat lamps (Beardies love to climb!). All in all, a bearded dragon is a great first pet, and a fun learning experience for any pet owner. Each beardie has its own personality, and its own characteristics that make them special! Thats why we love Skeeter - and Scooter, too!!!

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