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February 6, 2005

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Audi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Audi
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Rat
Home: Vinalhaven, Maine, USA
   Audi was my first fancy rat. Her coloring is called blue-hooded. She is so great that she now shares her huge rat palace with ten other fancy rat girls! I named her after the Audi car company because she has four spots straight down her back, like their logo of four interlinking circles. I can never get a picture of it, though, as when she is awake, she is on the go! She sleeps in the funniest positions, too, as you can see!

    Audi is definitely one of the smartest rats I have ever met. She will take a treat, pretend to drop it so she can have another, and then go down and retrieve the lost treat and eat both! She especially loves Froot Loops. She also loves sleeping in her green hammock, running around on the couch, and playing in her wheel! Audi comes when I call her and doesn't mind snuggling when she is too sleepy to object. She is so special!

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