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February 5, 2005

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Spree, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spree
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sun Conure
Home: Manassas, Virginia, USA
   Spree is a Sun Conure. He came from Maryland near me. He had been housed with a female Sun, however, his owner could not handle so many birds and sadly "Spree" was put up for adoption. I am so lucky to have found this funny guy. He bobs his head, and tries to talk and imitate sounds, he enjoys spending time with "Pakito" my peachfront conure who was also adopted from a lady in Maryland over a year ago. "Spree" likes to be handled once outside of his cage but is cage territorial and we are working on that. He loves fruits, and veggies, human companionship, doing all the sun conure things, such as screeching, and hanging by one foot, he enjoys his outings outside, and his bush and tree adventures as well as long rides in the car. Everything must pass his approval. And he never misses a trick! "Spree" has added a lot of happiness to my life, and both he and Pakito are "my boys" He is a joy to play with and will make you laugh with his antics for hours on end. He loves to throw popcorn down to our dog "Heidi" who was also a rescue. "Spree" resides in Manassas, with two bettas, a ten gallon community tank of fish, two cats, and a dog (Shepherd/mix) and Pakito the peachfront conure. Spree says "what" and laughs. He is very very special to me.

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