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February 4, 2005

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Chico, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chico
Age: Twenty weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Versailles, Kentucky, USA
   Chico is the latest addition to our family, and he takes full advantage of being the baby. He begs relentlessly for scraps at dinner (he likes tomato soup), bounces off everything when he wants attention, and squeaks very loudly if he thinks he's being neglected.

    He's the softest animal we've ever felt - even softer than rabbits, which is hard to believe - but if we pet him while he doesn't want to be petted, he makes a noise that sounds a little like a very small dog barking.

    Chico gets out for exercise every night. My mom, my dog, Molly the collie, and I all have to be in the room for him to be happy. If one of us is missing, he climbs onto the table to see over the gates and squeaks for us. Molly absolutely adores him, and he loves her just as much. While Chico's in his cage, he'll run back and forth, squeaking at her, and she pokes the bars with her nose. While he's out, Molly will lie on the floor while Chico sneaks up on her to jump on her feet or her back.

    Another thing Chico loves is shoes. If anyone's wearing a pair of shoes, he jumps on them, curls up, and "dances". If you aren't wearing shoes, he'll bite your toes until you put some on.

    Chico is the sweetest little guy there ever was, and we all love him very much.

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